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Baden's culinary specialities are as much a part of Baden as the City Tower, Stein Castle or the thermal springs! Sometimes tangy, sometimes sweet, sometimes bubbly, sometimes fruity, they delight every palate and make the perfect gift.


The Baden classic par excellence: the Spanischbrödli (literally, 'Little Spanish Bread' but has nothing to do with Spain), a sweet pastry. Even though the days of the Spanischbrödli Railway – which used to transport freshly baked Spanischbrödlis from Baden to Zurich early in the morning – are long gone, the traditional squares of light, flaky pastry filled with a mix of roasted, crushed hazelnuts and carrots still enjoy great popularity. Today you can enjoy Spanischbrödlis at the following bakeries: Bäckerei Linde, Moser's Backparadies, Confiserie Himmel and Beck Arnet.

Badener Steine

Inspired by Stein Castle, the confectioner Karl Herzog zu Baden developed the recipe for Badener Steine in 1937. The exquisite filling of sponge cake soaked in cherry schnapps is encased in a shell of the finest chocolate. Today, the traditional bakery Moser’s, continues to produce the speciality according to the original recipe.


Many things have changed in the almost 120 years since the brewery's foundation in 1897. The ups and downs have shaped the 'MüllerBräu' family business into the successful endeavour it is today. The brewery itself has been in the same location since the beginning and the beer still enjoys the at least the same popularity as it always has. Müllerbräu tastes even better out of a Baden beer glass - available in the Info Baden Tourist Office either individually or as a package with two MüllerBräu beers.

Baden's City Wine

Baden's City Wine is grown and bottled by the brothers Michael and Jürg Wetzel on behalf of the municipality of Baden. The Goldwand vineyards literally "golden wall", in Ennetbaden are cultivated in an ecologically sustainable way. Their wines are full-bodied, refined and have a long storage life as well as being elegant and highly enjoyable. You will find the City Wine in the Info Baden Tourist Office, also as a luxury package together with a visually stunning and delicious chocolate bar from the multi-award winning chocolatier Fabian Rimann of Wettingen.

Baden Dry Gin

Inspired by the Goldwand vineyards and the rapids of the Limmat, the Baden Dry Gin Inspired by the Goldwand vineyards and the rapids of the Limmat, the Baden Dry Gin is made from juniper and coriander seeds as a base, enriched with five botanicals from the Goldwand and two exotic ingredients. The gin is distilled with water from the Müllerbräu thermal water spring, which gives it its pithy spicy note and a peppery pungency in the nose. The gin is available at the Info Baden Tourist Office.

Vielle Pomme

Humbel's Vieille Pomme is based on 300 apple varieties from the Suter family's Pro-Specie-Rara orchard in Münzlishausen near Baden. A pinch of sugar and a maturing process in wooden barrels round off the rough edges and make the distilled spirit satin-smooth. The golden yellow liquor smells intensively of honey, quince, wax and cedar wood. The palate is fruity and sweet. You can buy Vielle Pomme in the Info Baden Tourist Office.

Badener Chräbeli

The Baden Chräbeli, a type of anise cookie, has garnered fame in Baden for more than a century. The pale aniseed biscuits were originally a substitute for expensive marzipan. In the late Middle Ages, marzipan was only available to the upper class. Today, the Chräbeli is known throughout German-speaking Switzerland as a Christmas biscuit, but can be found all year round in Baden. Here is a recipe for the Baden Chräbeli.

Badener Stadttürmli

How about another Baden monument as a gift? If you stroll through Baden's city centre, you won't be able to get past it. The city tower of Baden is now also made of chocolate and can be found in the Info Baden Tourist Office as well as in the the traditional bakery Moser’s.

Graf Kaffee

On 1 July 1957, Berti & Paul Graf founded Graf Kaffee in Baden, setting the standard for high-quality coffee enjoyment and laying the foundations for a success story. The different varieties are individually refined by means of gentle long-term roasting and only then put together as a blend. This process allows the characteristics of each coffee variety to be fully emphasised. A noticeable difference, both in the nuanced flavours and in the good compatibility.

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