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Immerse yourself in 2000 years of spa culture

Relax actively in Baden's elixir of life, the thermal water with the richest mineral content in Switzerland. Let yourself be carried away by the warmth and power - experience adventure, enjoy relaxation and find inspiration. Immerse yourself in the heritage of history and revive in the culture and spa town of Baden - it welcomes you warmly.
In Baden, wellness is lived out as a philosophy. For this, the tourist destination has been awarded the "Wellness Destination" label.

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Overnight stay incl. one day's admission to the FORTYSEVEN wellness spa, welcome drink at the hotel as well as small surprise in the room.

To the bubbling thermal water

A two-thousand-year history continues

Did you know?

The thermal water in Baden bubbles out of 18 different springs. With 4.6 grams of minerals per liter, it is Switzerland’s most mineral-rich thermal water. Having a temperature of around 47°C, it also belongs to the warmest in the country. The water naturally rises to the surface from depths of up to 1,200 meters and is a source of blissful warmth. It has been stored for between 4,000 and 12,000 years in the bedrock underneath the spa town, which gives it its high mineral content. In addition to calcium, iron and iodine, the “liquid gold” contains sulfur, the mineral which gives the thermal water its distinctive odor. Quantities of methane, fluorine, zinc and magnesium can also be found in the water. Magnesium is essential for maintaining muscle function and stimulating bone formation in the human body.

  •  Flyer Thermal baths : More about the thermalwater, the history of the baths and information about the Wellness Destination Baden

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