Roman Baths

Roman Baths

Relax in a historic environment

Situated in the heart of the spa district, the spacious tubs of the Roman bath have been a place of recovery and recuperation since ancient times. They are filled with thermal water from the hotel's own private hot spring. This stylish bath is a very special place to be.
The Hotel BLUME. is worth a visit for its ambiance alone. With a Mediterranean vibe and lush green plants, the hotel’s inner courtyard instantly whisks you away to distant lands. The icing on the cake is the Roman bath in the basement, which is filled with 47°C water brought up from the depths of the hotel’s own spring. The thermal water – which is richer in minerals than anywhere else in Switzerland – is used for more than just bathing: it also serves as the basis for various wellness treatments and is an ingredient in the hotel’s product, the “Aqua Salus” body lotion.

You and your partner may combine the visit to the Roman bath with a romantic Candlelight Bath & Dinner.

How to get there

The Roman bath is housed in one of the oldest spa hotels in Baden, right next to the Kurplatz. The spa area is reserved for hotel guests.

Kurplatz 4
5400 Baden
Tel. +41 56 200 02 00

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