Wellness-Therme FORTYSEVEN

Wellness-Therme FORTYSEVEN
Wellness-Therme FORTYSEVEN

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FORTYSEVEN is the most modern thermal wellness spa in Switzerland, and is the centrepiece of the bath area in Baden. It focuses on holistic well-being for body, mind & soul with its unique cosmos area.

Head off, minds on.
The wellness spa invites you to relax.

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The spirit of a bathing culture dating back thousands of years has been revitalised and given a new, modern interpretation. The thermal spa is dedicated to the wellbeing of its guests. FORTYSEVEN offers a uniquely wide variety of services and facilities for physical and mental relaxation, creating a comprehensive wellbeing experience.
In the realm of minerals, body and mind find the necessary peace and relaxation. The new bathing culture in Baden is most impressively experienced in the 47°C warm and bubbling thermal water, which is conditioned to comfortable temperatures for the numerous indoor and outdoor pools. The very spacious sauna area (11 sauna spaces including steam baths) and the elegant relaxation rooms form the ideal complement to a restorative bath. In addition to a textile and a textile-free sauna, FORTYSEVEN also offers a ladies-only sauna with corresponding facilities.

A very special area, specifically developed for FORTYSEVEN, called «Kosmos» " offers a completely new visitor experience that cannot be found elsewhere. In the spa area with its 11 spaces - including 2 couple's cabins, one can indulge in a treatment and let the soul dangle.

The FORTYSEVEN Restaurant offers balanced and delicious alternatives to everyday meals with Fresh- and Hot-Pots. A culinary moment of joy that completes the unique experience in the wellness spa. All in all, guests at FORTYSEVEN find time to relax for a few hours from everyday life or treat themselves to a relaxing spa day on over 4400 m2 of space.

Enjoy a moment of inner silence at the place of mindfulness and thus strengthen your well-being. Learn more about the offer here .


It is not his first wellness project, but it may be his best: star architect Mario Botta has given the FORTYSEVEN building a modern, aesthetic symbol landmark for an entire city. Botta is from the Ticino, studied in Venice and worked for Le Corbusier, among others. He is known for his rational style with simple forms and the play of light and shadow.

The results are brilliant buildings that nevertheless appear light and elegant. This is also the case with his thermal spa in Baden, which relies on natural materials and artfully opens up to the river. The planning and construction of the facility together took almost 8 years. One of the best perspectives of the result is obtained from the opposite side of the river in Ennetbaden.

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