Hot thermal fountains

Hot thermal fountains
Thermal BathsHot thermal fountains
Around 150 years after the last medieval outdoor pool was covered up at the bathing squares, the thermal water is returning to the cityscape.
On 6 November 2021, the two hot springs in Baden and Ennetbaden were ceremoniously opened. The pools are at least 38°C warm (at air temperatures above 0°C) and are fed by natural thermal water. They are warmed daily from 7am to 10pm. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday they are cleaned and cannot be used at this moment.

The thermal water fountains were developed by the Association Bagni Popolari and donated by the Ortsbürgergemeinde Baden and the municipality of Ennetbaden.


 Baderegeln_Heisse_Brunnen : Die Brunnen werden nun deiner persönlichen Sorgfalt anvertraut. Bitte behandle und benutze sie entsprechend rücksichtsvoll. Damit sich alle wohlfühlen gelten folgende Regeln.

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