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There are many innovative products which are created and manufactured right here in our city.

Aqua Salus

The mineral-rich thermal water of Baden has always fascinated Patrik Erne, one of the owners of the Hotel BLUME.. It bubbles continuously out of the ground at a 47 degrees Celsius – and has done so for hundreds of years. For a long time, Patrik Erne had the idea of using thermal water for other purposes than "just" bathing. In the beginning, he sought recipes for a skincare cream by mixing and blending his first attempts in his kitchen at home. He took the prototypes to the "Hotel BLUME." for testing and received amazing feedback. The cream had a soothing and lasting effect. Since 2010, Aqua Salus has been manufactured by a producer of organic cosmetics, used for for treatments in the hotel's wellness area and is also sold at the Info Baden Tourist Office.
Why "Aqua Salus"? In Roman mythology, the goddess Salus represented salvation and well-being. In the Hotel BLUME. a painting is displayed in the atrium with the inscription "In Aqua Salus". In 2010, the Roman goddess Salus was one of a total of six portraits with muses and deities uncovered during renovation work in the "Ladies' Hall"; all reason enough to give the body lotion this name.

Il Savun & Manufaktur 9

In 2016, Béatrice Ducrocq founded the soap factory „Il Savun“. Within a very short time, the handmade natural soaps for skin and hair impressed the people of Ennetbaden and Baden alike. In contrast to conventional and industrially manufactured soaps, Il Savun products are manufactured using the cold saponification process. This means they have a greater moisturising and replenish more lipids. Since neither the colouring nor the scent of the soaps are made of synthetic substances, they are 100% biodegradable. Béatrice Ducrocq also ensures organic certification of all ingredients and does not use palm or argan oil in its production. Il Savun's products are manufactured in small quantities right in the shop premises at number 9 Halde Street.

At the same address, you'll also find the „Manufaktur 9“, which also offers exclusively handmade items. These include jewellery by Nadja Acquaroli, unique fashion items by Ines Püntener-Moser and products by guest exhibitors the artists are acquainted with.

"Braufabrik" brewery

Last summer, the "Braufabrik" brewery was set up in the former industrial area of Oederlin. The Braufabrik is a project launched by three friends: David Guntern, Andreas Baumann and Flavio Uhlig. Once a month, they open the doors to their "Brew Pub", where you can taste the inventive brewers' creations. From light to dark brews, Europe to USA, from malty to hoppy via New England IPA, Brut IPA and Sour Beer – there is a lot to discover in the Braufabrik and above all there's always something new! If you would like to visit the lads in the Oederlin, you can find out when the Brew Pub will be opening its doors next in their newsletter and via their social media channels.


In 1989, Yolanda and Pino Oliverio fulfilled a dream by founding their label and opening their store. Her passion for exceptional materials, her interest in new technologies and her love of craftsmanship are mirrored in Oliverio's fashionable creations. Every year, they launch two women's and two men's collections, which are manufactured in Switzerland and Italy. It was their affinity for exquisite textiles that inspired them to create their own line of interior decorations. As soon as you enter their premises, the Oliverio shop at Bahnhof Oberstadt, you can feel the heart and soul they put into their designs. In this former Oberstadt railway station, art fuses with fashion & interior design. The mix creates a unique ambience. With this, the Anixis Gallery and Oliverio have created something completely new for Baden. The spacious boutique offers enough space to look at and try on the collections in peace. In addition, Yolanda and Pino serve exquisite espressos and at times exciting encounters and stimulating conversations take place here too, accompanied by a delicious espresso from Yolanda and Pino.

Steiesel Workshop

Ivo Rölli and Marco Keller are the driving forces behind the Steiesel Workshop . The two have been friends since they were young. Early on, they realized that they enjoyed tinkering and doing handicrafts. At the end of the 1980s, they started building their own snowboards and skateboards and soon supplied their entire circle of friends and acquaintances with boards from their own production. At that time, they had set up their workshop in the family basement. 21 years ago, the two of them finally set up their own proper workshop in the heart of Baden. Over the years, they have further developed their skills. Today, Ivo Rölli offers creative interior design and furniture solutions. His creativity comes shines when it comes to tricky conversions (e.g. of old buildings) or challenging furniture structures (e.g. the concrete bookcase in the Kurpark – a unique model by the way!). Together with his customers, he finds the right answers to atypical structural questions. Marco Keller has also refined his woodworking skills over the years. Today he makes guitars in their shared workshop and gives lessons there too.

Violinmaker Michael Rhonheimer

Michael Rhonheimer builds and restores the entire family of string instruments. His work begins with felling a tree at a precisely calculated point in time. The wood is then stored for 15 years. The trained violin maker produces the colour pigments for his instruments from dug-up roots and different types of bark. He also prepares the varnish himself from various resins and oils. Rhonheimer finally presents and sells the beautiful instruments, various bows and other accessories in his studio in the Merker site. Besides selling instruments, he also rents out violins and cellos in all sizes. In addition, Michael Rhonheimer is committed to the further development of violin making techniques, especially when it comes to aids and restoration techniques. In cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, for example, Michael Rhonheimer developed resonance wood modifications which have attracted a great deal of attention. The violin making studio studio also supports music schools in India and Eritrea.


In 1983, the two cousins Willi Glaeser and Otto Gläser founded the company WOGG AG, which is now managed by Christophe Marchand and Mark Werder. Together with internationally renowned designers, WOGG develops high-quality furniture that is characterised by its lightness and timeless elegance. The sideboards, cupboards, tables, shelves and chairs from WOGG entice clients with their simple forms and special material properties. Whether at home or in public spaces, WOGG furniture is a real eye-catcher. You can take a look at the current collection in the label's showroom, which is located in Baden Dättwil, or in Fislisbach at "Wohnbedarf Dino Talamona".

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