May 13 to October 31 in Baden - Aarau - Solothurn

Book 1 night – experience 3 cities

City-hopping means doing one thing without missing out on the other. An exciting journey through the lesser-known Swiss Midlands awaits you. The City-Hop Adventure through the three cities of Aarau, Baden, and Solothurn is flexible to book and offers enjoyment, entertainment, history, and much more.

Discover 3 cities – treasures with a historic core

What connects Aarau, Baden, and Solothurn? Discover it for yourself. Book one or more unforgettable nights and benefit from discounts in all cities.
You'll find numerous accommodation options to suit every taste. A good night's sleep will have you eager to explore the next day. The 'Three-City-Hop' package can be booked at the hotels listed below until October 31, 2024.

10 great vouchers

Not just one city trip worth taking, but three! With these vouchers, you'll experience the history, modernity, and indescribable beauty of the regions of Aarau, Baden, and Solothurn. What's special? The discounts bring you closer to the three cities. A local getaway that's truly worthwhile. Benefit from these vouchers when you stay in one of the three cities with the 'Three-City-Hop' package. Upon booking, you'll receive your voucher flyer directly at the hotel.

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