Highlights of Baden

Highlights of Baden
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Highlights of Baden

Get to know everything in and around Baden in a simple way. Our highlights show you the most beautiful parts of Baden.

Guided City Tours

Over 15 different guided city tours reflect the diversity of the city of Baden. From the Roman Baths to the medieval hall of the Swiss Confederal Diet or the Castle Stein with its gun power storage – there are many things to experience and to discover. An experienced team of city guides knows the most unbelievable stories and astonishing facts, the most amusing anecdotes and spookiest adventures from Baden’s 2000 years history.

Voyage Culinaire

Discover Baden in a special culinary manner. Enjoy a two-course menu in two different restaurants. The tour is accompanied with two city tours fitting thematically so that you get to know the manifold city of Baden. An exciting expedition and culinary treat!

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