Fun and games for all participants! Solve tricky riddles in the city, try your luck in the Casino or free yourself from one of our escape rooms.

Mission Baden

Tricky questions, monumental buildings and hidden alleys are waiting for puzzle fans. In teams various missions must be accomplished, at the end one team is the winner. Are you ready for the challenge?


The mobile casino guarantees high-level entertainment and will be well remembered by all guests. Professional croupiers introduce the guests to the secrets and rules of the casino games – roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. Rent-a-Casino can be customized according to your wishes and fits easily into your event concept. Rent-a-Casino is mobile and can be set up in your company, at home or at any place required. Of course, you can also organize your event on the premises of the Grand Casino Baden.

Game Introduction at the Grand Casino Baden

This event offers an exclusive introduction into roulette, black jack or poker, big shot or Black James. Professional croupiers provide fascinating information adapted to the participants’ knowledge.

Time Maze –The heist 1847 / The forbidden city 1901

A surreal and breathtaking journey through a world full of riddles, hidden mechanisms, tricks and surprises can begin. To complete one of the missions, you have to search for secret messages and hidden doors!

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