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The natural warmth and energy of the thermal springs have been used for 2,000 years. This is how a rich heritage of relaxation/recuperation developed in the city on the Limmat, which is just waiting to be discovered! Whereas in the past, people mainly came to Baden to enjoy the springs, today the wellness offer includes many other attractions. From yoga, dancing and beauty treatments to healthy food – you can really feel at home in the wellness destination Baden!

Baden as a Wellness-Destination

The city of Baden meets the criteria of the Swiss Tourism Association (STA) and bears the "Wellness Destination" seal of quality with the approval of the National Quality Assurance Commission. The seal of approval, created in 2008, distinguishes vacation sites and destinations which provide a comprehensive, high-quality wellness offering.

As a regional centre with over 100,000 inhabitants and over 30,000 jobs, Baden is the only urban Swiss wellness destination and thus enables a holistic sense of well-being in harmony with work and everyday life.

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