The City Tower

The City Tower

Landmark, prison, contemporary witness

When you walk through the centre of Baden, you will see it at first sight: the City Tower of Baden with its large archway marks the entrance to the Weite Gasse, one of the city's most popular promenades.

The City Tower, built in the second half of the 15th century, stands above the northern gate of the high town and is the only fortified tower of the medieval fortifications, which surrounded the old town, to have survived to this day. It used to be called the "Brugger Tower" or the "Baderturm".

The steep hipped roof is decorated in the city colours black, red and white and covered with tiles in a rafter pattern. The tower has been renovated several times and has undergone structural changes. In 1990, the roof and the pinnacle of the City Tower were seriously damaged in a storm. As a result, the pinnacle was renovated, coated with copper and the tiles replaced.

Fun fact: the tower served as a regional prison from 1846 to 1985. Today it no longer has a fixed purpose. However, it is a highlight to visit during the city tour "Witches, murderers, harlots and arsonists" and is occasionally used for public events.

Route description

You can hardly miss the tall City Tower in the middle of Schlossbergplatz when you arrive at the railway station. (Almost) all roads lead to the City Tower.
Schlossbergplatz 3, 5400 Baden

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