Pioneers, visionaries and idealists

Pioneers, visionaries and idealists
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Stories about Baden's clever minds

Clear-sighted politicians and risk-taking entrepreneurs have significantly shaped Baden over the last 300 years and have made the city into what it is today: a bright and bustling city.

Pioneers, visionaries and idealists Highlight
Ends at the Grand Casino Baden with a glass of sparkling wine

Meeting point: Cordulaplatz square- Zunfthaus zum Paradies
Duration: 1.5 hours
The lively city with around 23,500 inhabitants and over 29,000 jobs has a central function for around 100,000 people. The tour is a successful depiction of the city's symbiosis of history, work, culture and leisure. Baden's brightest minds are noticeable and visible throughout the city.

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Duration: 1.5 hours - Languages: German, English
Group size: max. 25 Pers. per group - Group price: CHF 280.00

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