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An interactive time-travelling journey through the baths of Baden

Follow the trail and help Yara get back to the present!
Yara wakes up in confusion: Just a moment ago she was peacefully dozing on the lounger in the thermal baths. And now she finds herself in the middle of the "Kurplatz" in Roman times! The only thing she still has with her is her mobile phone. How can she get back to the present?

You can help her! Do you have your mobile phone or tablet with you? Then go to the baths of Baden and solve the puzzles Yara sends you at six stations. Along the way, you'll learn interesting facts about the history of the baths.

At the end you have the opportunity to take part in the competition. With a bit of luck, you could enter the draw to win free tickets to the FORTYSEVEN Wellness-Therme.

Quellcode Starting point:
Kurplatz, in the Grossen Bädern

You will need: Mobile phone or tablet, ideally with headphones

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Price: free of charge
Find more information about the Source Code in the flyer:  Quellcode Flyer

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