The Theatre in the Park

The Kurtheater Baden has around 590 seats. This makes it the largest theatre in Canton Aargau. Every year, it stages around 50 high-quality performances in the fields of drama, musical theatre, puppet theatre and dance performances, as well as children's and youth plays. The theatre also hosts cabaret and comedy performances, concerts and dialect plays.
The history of the Kurtheater Baden goes back a long way: In 1675 the first theatre hall in Switzerland was built in Baden. Today's building, designed by the architect Lisbeth Sachs, was built in 1952 and has since then served as a guest venue for well-known theatres from Switzerland and abroad.

After almost 2.5 years of rebuilding and expansion, the stage of the Kurtheater Baden will be open again in mid-October 2020. The flagship appears in new splendour and with an enlarged foyer. Selected plays will also take place in this foyer as well as in the rehearsal room.

Let the play schedule inspire you for your next visit to the theatre.

How to get there

Kurtheater Baden
Parkstrasse 20
Tel. + 41 56 222 22 44

Current and upcoming shows