pump track & skate park Baden

pump track & skate park Baden
Sport and Exercisepump track & skate park Baden

Waves and curves for all kinds of two-wheelers

Right next to the popular skate park in Baden-Dättwil, a new, asphalted pump track awaits the roller sports community on 550 square meters.
Since its opening in 2004, the Skate Park in Baden-Dättwil has been constantly expanded and has become a well-frequented outdoor sports location. Now the park is growing with the 550 square meter pump track. A platform provides a direct connection to the skate park and offers space for breaks. Ambitious skaters, families with children or teenagers - all roller sports enthusiasts feel comfortable on the facility.

Whether kick- or skateboard, roller skate, bicycle or wheel - the track can be used by beginners and advanced riders with any kind of rolling equipment in a variety of ways. Narrow curves allow different route options in all directions. Steep wall curves and action elements offer additional variety and fun and at the same time promote motor skills, balance, dexterity and driving safety in everyday life.

A pump track is a tarred, closed circuit with many waves and elevated steep wall curves. The track can be used by beginners and advanced riders with any kind of rolling equipment in various ways.
«Pump» indicates the fact that you accelerate without pedalling. The increase in speed is achieved by loading and unloading the front and rear wheel respectively.


Weiherweg, under the Baregg bridge, 5405 Baden-Dättwil

Opening hours:
daily, 7-22h

free admission


Access is possible up to the parking spaces of the Jumbo in Dättwil.

Public Transport:
From Baden train station to the "Baregg" stop (bus line 6 or 7 direction Rütihof/Birmenstorf) and via the railroad underpass, then towards Jumbo.
Or to the bus stop "Dättwil, Langacker" (Postbus 320 / 321/ 322 / 332) and in the direction of the Jumbo.
The park is located behind the Jumbo under the Baregg bridge.

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