Limmat promenade

Limmat promenade
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Promenade along the river

Mighty chestnut trees, cosy little squares and the rushing Limmat – the Limmat promenade offers space for a short break. Here, walkers, joggers and cyclists pass each other, all in a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere.
A relaxing area has evolved along the Limmat banks in recent years. If you like sports, you can use the promenade for regular fitness, and if you prefer to shift down a gear and take some time out from daily routine for a moment, you will find the necessary peace and quiet here. In the summer months, two bistros extend the recreational offer: The Kajüte at the Tränenbrunnen fountain and the Triebguet by the 'Hochbrücke' high bridge invite for a coffee, to enjoy an aperitif or listen to a concert.

Route description

The easiest and fastest way from Baden train station to the Limmat promenade is via the Promenaden lift at Unterer Bahnhofplatz.
Limmatsteg, 5400 Baden