The 'Teufelskeller'

The 'Teufelskeller'
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A forest shrouded in legend

The area around Kreuzliberg has been a nature reserve since 1989 and is no longer used for forestry purposes. The result is an enchanted, fairy-tale worthy forest and a paradise for plants and animals. Keep your eyes and ears open, there is much to discover!

Once upon a time, evil spirits turned a beautiful princess into a tree in the Teufelskeller (Devil's Cellar). Fortunately the princess was saved and the spirits have not been sighted since (read the legend about the Kreuzliberg and the 'Teufelskeller' here in German). A good thing too! Today you can explore the beautiful hiking trails that lead through the nature reserve without any mystical danger.

In addition to the official hiking trail – along which there are spacious barbecue areas – there are also many narrow paths that lead through the forest for adventure lovers of all ages.

Route description

The path to the 'Teufelskeller' is signposted starting from Baden railway station. It leads you through the Weite Gasse, through the Cordulapassage and past the old train station in the Oberstadt (upper city). The staircase to the (KV) college is the easiest access to the woodlands. Further starting points are the Liebenfels cemetery and at the Täfern bus stop, then up to the Herzoghütte forest cabin.
Starting point: Kreuzlibergstrasse 10, 5400 Baden

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