Tour through the baths history

Tour through the baths history
History of the spa townTour through the baths history

Tour through the baths history

Baden has a rich spa history. This can be read up on a total of eleven thematic information pillars in the bathing area in Baden and Ennetbaden.
Have you always wanted to know who owns the thermal water or where it comes from? Or would you like to learn more about the historic spa hotels and how the doctors practised in the health spa clinics? Immerse yourself in the 2000-year-old cultural heritage of the city of Baden. There are many exciting things to discover on a walk through the spa area; from the healing baths of the Romans, from medieval bathing practices to the composition of thermal water.

The content is in German and English.
Here is the overview of the locations:  Infostelen Bädergeschichte

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Bring your swimwear and enjoy a dip in the public hot springs in Baden or Ennetbaden. If you want to learn even more, it is best to visit the Historical Museum of Baden. Here you can find original excavation pieces and a lot of exciting information from 2000 years of the history of the baths.

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