Tour through the Baths district

Tour through the Baths district
History of the spa townTour through the Baths district

Tour through the Baths district

The Baths district in the city of culture and spa can look back on an impressive past with a long tradition. With the FORTYSEVEN wellness spa and the renovation of the baths, the entire area is shining in new splendour. Immerse yourself and gain exciting insights into Baden's oldest and probably best-known district.

Experience the baths

Have you always wanted to know who owns the thermal water or where it comes from? Or would you like to find out more about the historic spa hotels and how the spa doctors practised in the health clinics? Immerse yourself in the over 2000-year-old cultural heritage of the town of Baden. You can read up on the history at a total of eleven themed information boards in the spa area in Baden and Ennetbaden. There are many exciting things to discover on a walk through the spa area; from the Roman spas and medieval bathing practices to the quality of the thermal water.

The content is in German and English.
Here is the overview of the locations:  Infostelen Bädergeschichte

Immerse & discover

Immerse yourself in the most mineral-rich thermal water in Switzerland and discover the centuries-old bathing tradition of the hot springs. Bring your swimsuit and enjoy a dip in the public hot springs in Baden or Ennetbaden.

If you want to find out even more, visit the Baden Historical Museum. Here you will find original artefacts and lots of exciting information from 2000 years of spa history.

On the city tour "The eternal thermal spring", the historical origins of Baden and its spas are illuminated and contrasted with the modern interpretations and buildings of the spa tradition. With witty and exciting stories, our city guide team builds a bridge between 2000 years of history and the glamorous future.

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