Lägern Ridge

Lägern Ridge

Stunning views

This challenging hike, which leads from Baden along the Lägern ridge to Regensberg, offers impressive views and an unforgettable adventure.

We head out towards the wooded Lägern hills over the covered wooden bridge and up to the Schartenfels. The highlight of the hike is the narrow ridge path on the spine of the Lägern hill, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view. You must however be careful, as the hiking trail is an "exposed trail". Its ascent requires caution, sure-footedness and good footwear. In wet conditions, the Jurassic limestone is extremely slippery! Alternatively, there is a safe, less risky path along the flank of the mountain.

The destination of this hike is the picturesque Regensberg. The hike can also be done in the opposite direction, so you can end the excursion in Baden.

On the ridge

View from the Burghorn and the Hochwacht – two of the highest points of the Lägern hill
A highlight of the tour

Tip: Sturdy shoes are a must
Duration: 3-4 hours

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