The Chänzeli Tour

The Chänzeli Tour
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The city at your feet

How big is the city of Baden really? Where does the Limmat flow after leaving Baden? Find the answers on the Chänzeli tour. The four lookouts (Chänzelis) to which the panoramic hike leads offer a magnificent view over the city of Baden and its surroundings.
The climbs up to the Chänzelis on this tour are a bit steep in places, but they are really worth it! The views from high above the city are unique and extend to hills and mountains far away. The tour passes through a total of four lookouts.
Along the way you will find a wide variety of local flora and fauna. Every now and then, you'll discover a great picnic spot, for example at the Martinsberg Chänzeli, where you will find the popular "Schweizer Familie" campfire site.

The best views


The Chänzelis (lookouts)


The lookout from Schartenfels (470 m above sea level) offers a panoramic view of the Limmat valley and the city of Baden.


On the Geissberg Chänzeli, also known as the Hertenstein Chänzeli, (514 m above sea level), you can enjoy fantastic views of Baden and Ennetbaden, and if the weather is good you can even see the Alps in the distance.


The Martinsberg Chänzeli is perched in the middle of the forest, on the outermost edge of the Martinsberg hill (497 m above sea level). Enjoy a magnificent view of Baden Nord, Ennetbaden and the wooded Lägern hills from here.

Stein Castle

The medieval castle on the Schlossberg (442 m above sea level) was presumably built in the 11th century. From there, you can enjoy what is probably the most beautiful panorama Baden's old town, its surrounding vineyards and the beautiful Limmat valley.

Enjoy the breathtaking view from each lookout
Tip: Sturdy shoes are recommended
Duration: about 3 hours

Map and details

The tour can be shortened at pleasure or made in stages. Duration approx. 1 hour each.

- Ascent to Schartenfels and back via Ennetbaden through the baths
- Ascent to Geissbergchänzeli via Ennetbaden
- Ascent to Martinsbergchänzeli and back to the old town of Baden via Ruine Stein

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