Mystery Crime Trail Baden

Mystery Crime Trail Baden
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Solve the case and bring the perpetrator to justice

Get on the trail and solve the case of Barbara Gloor
The case: After Barbara Gloor did not show up for work for several days and was reported missing by her employer, she is found dead in her apartment. She had been stabbed to death with a knife. There are no other signs of a struggle apart from this fact. There were still some sushi appetizers on the table. The murder weapon, a knife, is nowhere to be found.

The deceased woman worked for a Baden real estate management company, which also manages several Baden wellness spas. The day before her murder Barbara Gloor had invited the staff of the company for a small drink at her home for her birthday.

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The price per group (recommendation max. 5 persons per group) is CHF 32.-

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Can be booked spontaneously and without prior notice.
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How does a mistery crime trail work?

A crime trail is about solving a criminal case (e.g. murder, burglary, kidnapping, etc.).
Anyone wishing to take part buys the crime trail of the corresponding city (costs: CHF 25.-/group of max. 5 persons) and then receives an arrest warrant code per group by e-mail as well as the "crime file" of the corresponding case. This includes: the description of the criminal case, the description of the assignment, the description of the suspects in question (including a situation plan with their places of residence, work and leisure) as well as an overview of the evidence found at the crime scene.

Afterwards you visit the crime scene and, in an order you choose, the places of residence, work and leisure of the suspects. At these locations you will receive further clues (e.g. via SMS or simply visually by assigning evidence to the corresponding locations), which will allow you to exclude suspects or locate the perpetrator.

After solving the case and figuring out the name of the perpetrator, you enter the name on the provided website. You will need the arrest warrant code that you receive with your purchase. Only then will you find out if you have caught the correct perpetrator.

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