Founders' Villas with Surrounding Park

Founders' Villas with Surrounding Park
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A grandiose era

The two industrial pioneers Boveri and Brown shaped the city of Baden through their hugely influential work, as well as their day-to-day life in their magnificent villas. Even today, the historic buildings and the beautiful parks surrounding them are absolute must-sees.

Villa Boveri

On the western end of the city, you'll find the Villa Boveri, encompassed by the largest private garden complex in the city of Baden. Walter Boveri I built it in 1897. The park consists of three independent gardens: the landscape garden, the neo-baroque terrace garden and the bathing garden added in 1911. The landscape garden is characterised by an impressive array of trees dating back to the villa's founding years.

ABB Wohlfahrtsstiftung, Villa Boveri
Ländliweg 5
5400 Baden
Tel. +41 58 585 24 61

Villa Langmatt

On the eastern end of the city, you'll find the Villa Langmatt. The Villa was converted into a museum housing a splendid collection of French impressionist artwork. The surrounding park, built alongside the Villa in 1900, was commissioned by the industrialist Sydney Brown. The park was rethought and renewed many times until 1910. Due to the current complete renovation of the building, the museum will be closed in 2024 / 2025. The reopening is planned for spring 2026

Museum Langmatt, Stiftung Langmatt Sidney und Jenny Brown
Römerstrasse 30
5400 Baden
Tel +41 56 200 86 70

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