Medieval life and craftmanship

Medieval life and craftmanship
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An excursion into the past

Religion, disease and toil shaped the way of life in the Middle Ages. The traces of this time are still to be found today in idioms, proverbs and names. The Middle Ages are brought back to life on this tour through captivating stories.

Medieval life and craftmanship Highlight
Visit of the Kornhaus (corn storehouse)

Meeting point: Theaterplatz square
Duration: 1.5 hours
Who was allowed to practice crafts and who was allowed to trade? How did one become a master, what was a journeyman and how were the craftsmen organised? Which trades were dishonourable and why? Find out how and where people lived and worked in Baden in the Middle Ages on this tour.

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Duration: 1.5 hours - Languages: German, English
Group size: max. 25 Pers. per group - Group price: CHF 280.00

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