Orienteering for young and old

Orientation in the forest or in the city, taking the right path and finding your way from station to station – these are the challenges of orienteering. Thanks to the Swiss-O-Finder, you can now take up the challenge at any time. There are four different routes in and around Baden for you to complete!
Would you prefer a pleasant walk or an active city experience? The Swiss-O-Finder's routes offer both! You can explore the city at the same time, discover the unknown and tread new paths. All information about the routes can be found on the Swiss-O-Finder website. It's even easier to find the right way with the Swiss-O-Finder app, where you can record your results and compare yourself with your fellow joggers. Of course you can take things more leisurely and walk the two courses.

For everyone and at any time – Smart fitness
Four different routes

Kurpark tour: Start Kurpark entrance, 15 minutes, suitable for prams
Limmat tour: Start Playground 'Graben', 35 minutes, discover the whole city
Sightseeing Baden: Start Kurpark entrance, 30 minutes, leisurely park tour
Old Town: Start Kurpark entrance, 20 minutes, discover the Kurpark

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