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Giesserei Baden


The Giesserei Oederlin in Rieden/Ennetbaden has been discontinuerd in August 2016. The absolutely authentic, 700 m2 large hall is suitable from 100 people and can be individually separated depending on the preparation. We rent our location for company events, network events, seminars, exhibitions or weddings. The hall is not available for public events.

room overview

Giesserei 300 - 200
  • banquet seating
  • concert seating
  • seminar-seating
  • beamer
  • screen
  • audio-system
  • Wifi
  • flipchart
Audio-System Audio-System in diesem Raum vorhanden Leinwand Leinwand in diesem Raum vorhanden Flipchart Flipchart in diesem Raum vorhanden Beamer Beamer in diesem Raum vorhanden WLAN / WiFi WLAN / WiFi in diesem Raum vorhanden Bankett-Bestuhlung Bankett-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich Konzert-Bestuhlung Konzert-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich Seminar-Bestuhlung Seminar-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich


  • event hall / factory hall
  • Catering by external providers
  • parking nearby
  • accommodations in walking distance


Giesserei Baden
Landstrasse 1
5415 Rieden b. Baden

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