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Hotel Blume


Special moments in life unfold themselves in the "Blume" in a particularly festive way. Big events with 90 guests can be held in the Jugendstilsaal, with the Damensalon even over 100. Conferences and banqets are also unforgettable here when business life is in full bloom. For the time of falling in love and getting married there are wonderful retreats. And last but not least you can find yourself in this unique surrounding. All-round enjoyment.

room overview

Aqua - - 16
Belle Epoque Saal 90 100 90
Damensalon - - 20
  • banquet seating
  • concert seating
  • seminar-seating
  • Wifi
  • beamer
  • screen
  • flipchart
  • audio-system
Audio-System Audio-System in diesem Raum vorhanden Leinwand Leinwand in diesem Raum vorhanden Flipchart Flipchart in diesem Raum vorhanden Beamer Beamer in diesem Raum vorhanden WLAN / WiFi WLAN / WiFi in diesem Raum vorhanden Bankett-Bestuhlung Bankett-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich Konzert-Bestuhlung Konzert-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich Seminar-Bestuhlung Seminar-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich


  • hotel
  • Catering in-house
  • parking nearby
  • accommodations option at the house


Hotel Blume
Kurplatz 4
5400 Baden

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