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Historisches Museum


Baden is a place of exchange. For centuries people from all over the world have come to the city on the limmat. They discuss, negotiate – and take a bath. The warm springs attract, ambassadors meet for the Swiss Diet, guests travel for the cure, pioneers found companies and generate jobs. In its exhibitions and events, the Historical Museum Baden focuses on the exchange between people in the history of baths, industry and Tagsatzung. For your event, atmospheric rooms incl. infrastructure are available at favorable conditions at the Historical Museum. At the Historical Museum Baden you also have the opportunity to livestream your events.

room overview

Ehemaliger Audienzraum - 30 25
Hauptraum am Fluss 120 120 -
Kinoraum - 20 -
Panoramaraum - 30 -
  • banquet seating
  • concert seating
  • seminar-seating
  • Wifi
  • beamer
  • screen
  • audio-system
  • flipchart
Audio-System Audio-System in diesem Raum vorhanden Leinwand Leinwand in diesem Raum vorhanden Flipchart Flipchart in diesem Raum vorhanden Beamer Beamer in diesem Raum vorhanden WLAN / WiFi WLAN / WiFi in diesem Raum vorhanden Bankett-Bestuhlung Bankett-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich Konzert-Bestuhlung Konzert-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich Seminar-Bestuhlung Seminar-Bestuhlung in diesem Raum möglich


  • villa / museum
  • Catering by external providers
  • accommodations in walking distance
  • parking nearby


Historisches Museum
Wettingerstrasse 2
5400 Baden

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