The Brewery

The Brewery

Tradition, innovation and thirst quenchers

A tour of the Müller brewery offers a unique insight into Baden's brewing culture. "Müllerbräu handcrafted" has been produced here in the microbrewery since 2022.

The Brewery Highlights
Tour of the microbrewery and a taste of 'Müllerbräu handcrafted' beer

Meeting point: Dynamostrasse 8, 5400 Baden
Duration: 1.5 hours
Founded in 1897, the Müller AG brewery stands for innovative beer brewing with traditional recipes. Since 1st January 2022, three regionally strong companies - Müller Bräu, Brauerei Falken, SCHÜWO - have been collaborating. The course has been set for a successful continuation of the brewing tradition and the redesign of the Müller Bräu area in Baden. On the tour, you will learn how the family business has changed over the last 125 years and learn how the beer is brewed by hand in the new microbrewery.
Of course, everyone who is thirsty will also enjoy a taste of the "yellow gold" at the end of the tour.

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Duration: 1.5 hours - Languages: German, English, French
Group size: max. 20 people per group - Group price: CHF 320.00

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